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Campus Facility Master Plans : B-022

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In conjunction with the provisions of TBR Policy Nos. 4:01:02:30 and 4:02:09:00 each institution governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents shall have a campus facility master plan which should address building development for the institution's mission and enrollment growth, land acquisition and disposal, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking facilities, outdoor physical education, recreation and athletic facilities (where applicable), utilities and landscaping. 


  1. Campus Facility Master Plans
    1. Campus facility master plans should be internally reviewed by campus staff at least every two years.
      1. If an update of the existing master plan is deemed necessary by the President, the campus should document the need and initiate a request to retain a professional consultant through the Board office.
    2. New master plans and updates shall be prepared by professional consultants appointed by the State Building Commission. They shall be approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents, submitted to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for review and comment and approved by the State Building Commission.
    3. New building construction or addition projects should be addressed in the master plan prior to the submission for funding to the Tennessee Board of Regents.
    4. The costs of obtaining consultant services for campus facility master plans should be funded from institutional sources. 



T.C.A. § 49-8-203


TBR Presidents Meeting November 13, 1990; Revised November 8, 2006 Presidents Meeting.

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