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Facilities Planning & Design :

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The following policy is adopted by the Tennessee Board of Regents relative to the planning and design of facilities on the campuses of institutions governed by the Board.


  1. Facilities Planning and Design
    1. Prior to proceeding with preplanning or design of any project for which an architect or engineer is engaged, the institution president shall, in coordination with the Tennessee Board of Regents staff, develop a comprehensive program statement for the project.
    2. This program statement shall fully set forth the scope of the proposed project and the functional requirements to be satisfied.
    3. When approved by the Board of Regents staff, the program statement shall be the basis for the preplanning and design of the project.
    4. The Chancellor shall ensure that the preplanning, design, and final plans of each project are carried out in conformance with the approved program statement.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203


TBR Meetings, October 12, 1973; September 30, 1983; December 8, 2006