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Institutional Student Life Policies & Procedures :

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Student Policies

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TCATs, Community Colleges


The purpose of this policy is the establishment of policy and procedures governing campus life at Tennessee Board of Regents institutions.


  1. Student Life Policies and Procedures
    1. The Tennessee Board of Regents is required by its enabling legislation to establish policies and procedures governing campus life at the institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents System. In accordance with that statutory duty, the Board has promulgated policies governing the following aspects of campus life:
      1. Student Organizations
      2. Off-Campus (visiting) Speakers
      3. Student conduct, and disciplinary sanctions
      4. Use of Campus Property and Facilities
      5. Residency Classification of Students
      6. Use of Alcoholic Beverages
    2. Each institution may develop policies and procedures concerning campus life not inconsistent with the policies listed above. Policies and procedures concerning student life, and any revisions thereto, shall be submitted to the Board for approval prior to implementation.
    3. Further, in order to allow compliance with the rulemaking provisions of the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act when applicable, all new student life policies and procedures and any revision of existing policies and procedures proposed by institutions shall be submitted to the Board, through the Chancellor, no later than April 1 of each year for implementation in the following academic year.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203; UAPA


TBR Meeting, September 30, 1983, September 21, 1990

Note: This policy represents a consolidation and revision of superseded policies on Report of Committee for Student Life ( and Student Handbooks (