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Office of General Counsel Policies & Guidelines

Evaluation of the Chancellor :


Policy/Guideline Area

Governance, Organization, and General Policies

Applicable Divisions

TCATs, Community Colleges, System Office, Board Members


The purpose of this policy is the establishment of procedures for the evaluation of the Chancellor.


  1. Evaluation
    1. Consistent with national standards, the Board will formally evaluate the Chancellor every two years beginning with an evaluation in 2008.
    2. The evaluation will be conducted by a committee of the Board of Regents appointed by the Vice-chair in such number [no less than four (4)] as may be deemed appropriate by the Vice-chair, which will report its findings to the Board by the September Board meeting.
    3. Notwithstanding the above, in any year in which a full, formal evaluation of the Chancellor is not scheduled, any five (5) members of the Board may request such a formal evaluation by written request submitted to the Vice-chair, and the Vice-chair shall thereupon charge an evaluation committee, appointed in the manner set forth above, with the responsibility of conducting such an in-depth, formal evaluation and reporting its findings to the Board by the September meeting of the Board or at such other time as specified by the Vice-chair.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203; TBR Bylaws, as amended.


Board Meeting June 11, 2004; December 6, 2007 Board Meeting