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Governance, Organization, and General Policies

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TCATs, Community Colleges, System Office


Presidents' councils and sub-councils are established for the purpose of providing means through which campus administrators may formally assemble to communicate on matters of common channels in the System to the Board of Regents.


  1. Presidents' Councils
    1. The president of each institution shall be a member of the Joint Presidents' Council.
    2. The Joint Presidents' Council shall have the opportunity to present reports and recommendations to the Board.
    3. The Chancellor shall be an ex-officio member of the Council.
    4. Presidents of the universities may form a University Presidents' Council, and presidents of the community colleges may form a Community College Presidents' Council, and each may present reports and recommendations to the Board.
    5. The Chancellor shall be an ex-officio member of the Councils.
  2. Sub-Councils
    1. There shall be five sub-councils to the Joint Presidents' Council.
    2. These shall be the Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, College of Applied Technology, and Faculty Sub-Councils.
    3. The chief administrative officers of Academics, Business, and Student Affairs of each university, and community college shall be members of the respective sub-councils for these defined areas.
    4. Representatives from the colleges of applied technology may be added by the sub-councils as desired.
    5. The director of each college of applied technology shall be a member of the College of Applied Technology Sub-Council.
    6. It is recommended that the Faculty Sub-Council members be the president or chairman of the recognized faculty organization at each university, and community college; however, a representative may be selected annually by the faculty organization to serve as the Faculty Sub-Council member.
    7. These sub-councils shall have the opportunity to present reports and recommendations to the Chancellor through the Joint Presidents' Council.
    8. All presidents shall be ex-officio (non-voting) members of each sub-council.
  3. Ad Hoc Councils
    1. The Joint Presidents Council with the Chancellor's approval may form other sub-councils on an ad hoc basis as the need may arise.
    2. The above stated provisions for ex-officio sub-council members shall also apply to all ad hoc sub-councils.
  4. Operating Procedures
    1. Each of the councils formed under the authority granted above shall elect a chairperson on an annual basis, who shall speak for the council for the purpose of presenting reports and recommendations.
    2. The chair of the respective councils should rotate annually among the institutions. Further, the councils shall maintain minutes of their meetings, and these minutes shall be submitted to the Chancellor and be available for Board review.
    3. Ex-officio members of the respective councils shall be invited to attend all council meetings.


TBR Meetings, March 5, 1976; September 30, 1977; June 24, 1983; June 19, 1998, June 25, 1999