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Publications : (formerly G-140)

Policy/Guideline Area

Marketing and Communications

Applicable Divisions

TCATs, Community Colleges, System Office


This policy describes a system for campus-based approval and numbering of publications created for community colleges and colleges of applied technology as required by local, state, and federal law, and TBR policy. The cited authorities set forth criteria, against which each campus will review the appropriateness of each publication, require that descriptive information be maintained in a central location and provide for affixing an identifying number to each covered publication.


Definitions included in the overarching Marketing and Communications Policy ( apply.


  1. Publications
    1. Publications, including text, images, video, and other content, must follow local, state, and federal laws and other applicable marketing, communication, and branding policies and procedures, including those defined in TBR Policy, Branding and Trademarks.
    2. Whether new or revised, publications representing the College to potential students or potential employees must be reviewed, approved, and assigned a unique publication number by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or designee.
      1. Colleges should document appropriate procedures for units, programs, and initiatives in local policy or guidelines to request publication creation and/or review.
      2. The CMO maintains the authority to remove any publications this policy covers from distribution.
    3. All Publications, whether developed internally by the college or externally for the College, must align with the College's pre-established marketing, branding, and communications guidelines and applicable policies to ensure key messages are disseminated in a manner that maintains consistency.
    4. The office of the CMO is responsible for creating, maintaining, and enforcing the College’s visual, editorial, and process guidelines.
    5. Publications, including all design files and assets, are the property of the College.
    6. The CMO or designee has the final authority to interpret the terms of this policy.
  2. Truthfulness and Substantiation
    1. All advertising, including publications, must follow local, state, and federal laws regarding truth in advertising and other consumer protection laws as outlined in TBR Policy, Marketing and Communications.
  3. Reporting
    1. CMOs shall evaluate publications annually to determine if the return on investment justifies continued publication.
    2. To assist with local, state, and federal laws regarding marketing publications, including advertising, a report should be given to the SCMO on publications by June 30 of each year.
      1. The System Chief Marketing Officer (SCMO) should provide reporting to College CMOs for the following year by July 1.
  4. Exemptions and Exceptions
    1. Exemptions and exceptions outlined in the overarching Marketing and Communications Policy ( apply.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203; All statutes, rules, and regulations referenced in this procedure.


February 14, 1989 Presidents Meeting; December 12, 2023, Board approved (formerly G-140).

This guideline reiterates practices already in effect, as reflected in the statutes and rules cited and in Board staff memoranda to the Presidents dated June 9, 1982, and October 4, 1988.