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Executive Committee : TCAT-090

Policy/Guideline Area

Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

Applicable Divisions



The following guideline establishes a standing advisory committee of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology President's Sub-Council.


  1. Name Designation
    1. The committee shall be known as the TCAT Executive Committee.
  2. Organization
    1. The committee shall be comprised of eight members:
      1. Six members, two from each grand division of the state, chosen by the TCAT Presidents from that grand division;
      2. A chairperson chosen by the TCAT Presidents as a group; and
      3. The immediate past chairperson.
    2. Each member shall serve a two-year term. Membership terms are staggered to ensure continuity.
    3. The chairperson will serve a two-year term as past chairperson.
      1. The chairperson is selected on a rotating basis from each of the three grand divisions of the state.
      2. The chairperson shall vote only in the case of a tie vote.
    4. The committee shall select a secretary annually. The secretary shall also serve as the vice-chairperson.
  3. Committee Purpose
    1. The major purposes of the Committee are to:
      1. Represent the interests of all Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.
      2. Facilitate the delivery of quality technical programs, practices, and services as integral parts of post-secondary technical education.
      3. Improve the coordination of the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.
      4. Serve in an advisory capacity to the TCAT President's Sub-Council and the Chancellor.
      5. Assist in developing plans for improving the function and operation of the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology.
  4. Meetings
    1. Meetings will be scheduled prior to each TCAT President's Sub-Council meeting and called as the need arises.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203


March 21, 1985 AVTS Sub-Council Meeting, Directors Meeting February 14, 2002, Presidents Sub-Council May 21, 2002.