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Criteria for the Evaluation of Bureaus, Centers, Institutes : A-040

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In accordance with action taken by the State Board of Regents at their December 8, 1978 regular meeting, the Board staff shall consider the criteria listed below in the evaluation of bureaus, centers, and institutes. These criteria were adopted on October 30, 1978 by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for this purpose.


  1. Introduction
    1. Each System community college shall address the criteria in developing proposals for Board consideration to establish new bureaus, centers, and institutes.
      1. Criteria
        1. An assessment of need.
        2. An analysis of the purpose of the entity identifying it as a research, public service, or instructional unit. Such units should be budgeted in such a way as to reflect their purpose. Units proposed as combinations of research, public service, or instruction should be described in detail sufficient to ascertain the primary purpose of the entity.
        3. A description of how the entity relates to an institution's role and scope.
        4. An identification of the campus discipline base from which the entity will operate and the faculty strengths upon which it will draw.
        5. A description of the activities of the unit indicating relationships to purpose.
        6. A statement regarding the anticipated duration of the unit.
        7. A projection of the costs and revenues associated with the operation of the bureau, center, or institute over the first five years and an indication of what state support, if any, may be required.
        8. An identification of any similar or related services already being offered by an institution or agency within the state.
        9. A description of procedures for regular evaluation of the unit.
    2. When proposed institutional bureaus, on-campus centers, and institutes are to be temporary in nature, their establishment will not require approval by the State Board of Regents or the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, provided that the temporary status is due to one or both of the following conditions:
      1. The anticipated duration of the unit is less than one calendar year; and/or
      2. The operation of the unit will be dependent upon external funding for all direct costs with no commitment for operation beyond the period during which such external funds are available.
    3. For the establishment of temporary units of the type described above, the Board of Regents will only require the institutions to inform the Chancellor in writing of the intent to establish the unit and, if contracts are involved, to follow the usual procedure for obtaining approval of the contract.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203


December 8, 1978 SBR meeting. Revised December 12, 1980 SBR meeting; Revised Presidents Meeting July 1,1984.