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Use of Broadcast Email : SO-BC-Email

Policy/Guideline Area

System Office

Applicable Divisions

System Office


The objective of this guideline is to provide guidance in the use of broadcast email messages in the TBR System Office. 


  1. Introduction
    1. Any messages sent to the entire TBR Staff email list must be approved by the vice chancellor/unit head of the person sending the messages.
      1. Access to send messages to the list will be limited to the following:
        1. Chancellor
        2. Vice chancellors and one additional unit designee
        3. General counsel and one additional unit designee
        4. Chief system-wide audit executive and one additional unit designee
        5. Communications director
        6. Human resources officials
        7. IT and Communications staff member(s) responsible for enterprise systems/web services/network maintenance
      2. All broadcast email messages to the TBR Staff list must directly relate to System Office or relevant higher education functions.
        1. If messages are intended for a smaller group within the system office, they should be sent directly to a group created for that purpose or to the vice chancellor/unit leader of the intended audience.
      3. Any broadcast emails concerning issues that may be considered controversial or might attract media attention require prior review by and coordination with the communications director.


Board Meeting, June 24, 2016