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Allocation of Maintenance Fees for University Athletics : B-042

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The purpose of this guideline is to establish the process and procedures for the allocation of maintenance fees for university athletics at institutions governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents.


  1. General Statement
    1. Intercollegiate athletics is a major university activity that is supported by various sources which include student maintenance fees.
    2. The following represents the methodology as well as guidelines for the allocation of maintenance fees for Athletics at Tennessee Board of Regents universities.
  2. Allocation of Maintenance Fees
    1. This initial limit will be reviewed annually by Board staff and may be adjusted based on such factors as student fee increases, inflation, and mandated salary and employee benefit increases.
      1. Each university must evaluate the amount of maintenance fee revenues available for Athletics, subject to the limits established by this guideline, relative to other campus priorities.
  3. State Appropriations
    1. No state appropriated funds from General State of Tennessee Revenue may be used for Athletics.
  4. Exceptions

A. Exceptions to the guideline must be approved by the Chancellor. 


May 20, 2003 presidents meeting.


Mickey Sheen