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Office of General Counsel Policies & Guidelines

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The purpose of this policy is to state the duties of the members of the Board of Regents, consistent with Board By-laws.


  1. Board Member Rights
    1. Individual members of the Board enjoy equal rights with all other members:
      1. The right to vote;
      2. The right to participate fully in all considerations before the Board;
      3. The right to enter motions and to submit recommendations, and;
      4. All rights and privileges afforded the Board by law and regulation when sitting in deliberative session.
    2. As individuals, when not participating in meetings of the Board or any of its duly constituted committees, members enjoy the same rights and privileges of any citizen of the State of Tennessee as pertains to the governance, control, and management of institutions under the Board.
    3. As individuals, members shall not speak for the Board, unless so specifically authorized by the Board.
  2. Board Member Responsibilities
    1. When participating in meetings of the Board or its duly constituted committees, members are responsible for the entire system of institutions.
    2. They are responsible for representing the entire system without regard for any congressional district or area of the State or for any individual institution within the state.
    3. Members are enjoined from espousing the cause of any one institution over the interests of others or the system as a whole.
  3. Minority Views
    1. Upon announcement of any vote of a meeting of the Board or one of its duly constituted committees, a member holding a minority view may request his or her view be made a matter of record.
    2. Such minority view shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary.


Board of Regents Bylaws, as amended


Mickey Sheen