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Office of General Counsel Policies & Guidelines

Calendar Conversion : A-090

Policy/Guideline Area

Academic Guidelines

Applicable Divisions

Community Colleges, Universities


The purpose of this guideline is to establish the Calendar Conversion for universities and colleges governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents.


  1. Calendar Conversion
    1. The following guidelines for calendar articulation are for the nineteen (19) TBR campuses that will be on the semester system effective Fall, 1988 and for TTU, which will make the conversion effective Fall, 1989. The provisions are:
      1. Specify a minimum of 750 minutes of classroom instruction per semester hour of credit (excluding final examinations and registration).
      2. Specify that fall and spring semesters must each span a minimum of sixteen (16) calendar weeks, including a regular registration period (of no more than three days) and a final exam period.
      3. Specify the general intention that fall and spring semesters - providing the institution has usual 50-minute class periods - will normally be characterized by a minimum of fifteen (15) calendar weeks of classroom instruction.
      4. Specify that the fall semester will end before the Christmas holidays.
      5. Specify that the last day of final examinations for the summer session will be no later than August 15, and the first day of regular registration for the fall term will be no earlier than August 20.
      6. Specify that all classes (including summer school, intersession, and special compressed terms) must meet the provisions of 750 minutes of classroom instruction per semester hour of credit.
      7. Recommend that each institution - within the parameters of these guidelines - consider compatibility with UT and private institutions as well as with special needs of local service areas (e.g., public school calendars).
    2. In addition to these guidelines for calendar articulation, the following provisions are recommended:
      1. That a summary conversion line ending with Summer, 1988 (1989 for TTU) be used on student transcripts rather than a course-by-course conversion of quarter hours to semester for credit accumulated prior to that date.
      2. That the mode for conversion of credit hours from quarter to semester and the mode for determining GPA be dividing the quarter credit hours by 1.5 and carrying decimals two points (i.e., 2.60).
      3. That TBR address necessary publicity relative to student tuition that will, with the conversion, require making payments in two rather than three intervals.


Presidents Meeting February 10, 1987.


Mickey Sheen