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Faculty Exchange : A-051

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Academic Guidelines

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TCATs, Community Colleges


The following guideline supplements the provisions of the TBR "Policy on Faculty Development" (5:02:01:05). That policy authorizes institutions to plan and implement faculty development programs which may include financial support "through grant awards and other means for research or the improvement of instruction." This guideline clarifies procedures by which a program of faculty exchange may be included as part of a faculty development plan.


  1. General Statement
    1. Faculty exchange assignments with higher educational institutions, other appropriate educational institutions, business and industry, and private or governmental agencies provide opportunities for faculty to acquire new information and skills, to bring to their home institutions a general awareness of different environments which are relevant to their teaching areas, and to expand experiences with the objective of improving their professional expertise.
  2. Faculty Exchange and Personnel Status
    1. A full-time faculty member who applies for an "Exchange" which is subsequently approved by the president must remain on the payroll of the home institution and retain a condition of employment which continues all benefits for which he or she has qualified as a full-time faculty member. Time spent on the "Exchange" constitutes an equivalent teaching load activity which, under the "General Personnel Policy" (5:01:00:00) "shall be subject to prior review and approval by the president or his or her designee."
  3. Criteria for Exchange Status
    1. A full-time faculty member may only be approved for "Exchange" status if the home institution enters into a contract whereby the host institution provides, in exchange, and employee who will be assigned (for a comparable percentage of full-time load) to the home institution.
    2. The home institution is responsible for the salary and benefits of the full-time faculty member assigned to an "Exchange." The host institution is responsible for salary and benefits of the employee being provided in exchange.
    3. The work load assignment for the full-time faculty member assigned to an "Exchange" shall be determined by the host institution. Likewise, the home institution shall determine the work load assignment of the employee being provided in exchange.
    4. No exchange assignment shall be formally initiated with a host institution unless requested by the faculty member and approved by the president.
    5. No exchange assignment shall be approved by the presidents unless it meets the following provisions:
      1. Serves as an integral component of the faculty development plan; and
      2. Supports the "General Statement" included as paragraph 1 above.
  4. Exceptions
    1. Exceptions to these guidelines may be proposed by the president for approval by the Chancellor.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203


May 24, 1983 TBR presidents meeting; Revised July 1, 1984.

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