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Fees and Refunds : TCAT-080

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Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

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This guideline compliments and implements provisions of Guideline B-060 (Fees, Charges and Refunds), relative to the TCATs. All provisions of B-060 shall otherwise remain in effect for the TCATs. The purpose of the following provisions is to ensure uniform administration of fees and refunds at the TCATs, and to establish related procedures between the TCATs and Lead Institutions.


  1. Fee Assessment
    1. The amount of fees assessed to a student should be determined by an individual other than the one who collects the fees.
      1. Fees assessed shall be in accordance with the current Fee Schedule approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents.
      2. Fee schedules shall be made readily available to students and prospective students through the use of bulletin boards, advertisements and school publications.
      3. The fee assessment shall be as follows:
        1. Regular Students
          1. All students, whether residents or non-residents, shall pay the appropriate fees based upon the number of hours the student is scheduled to attend in the term.
          2. Students who enroll concurrently in two or more programs/classes will be assessed fees appropriate to the number of hours scheduled to attend in each program/class.
        2. Secondary Students (Public Schools)
          1. The TCAT will negotiate the appropriate fees with each local public school system for secondary students enrolling at the TCAT.
        3. Secondary Students (Non-Public Schools)
          1. Students enrolled in state-recognized home schools or private schools will be assessed fees in accordance with the current fee schedule.
        4. Special Industry Students
          1. Students shall not be individually assessed fees for special industry training.
          2. All charges will be made to the receiving industry(s) and shall be credited to the school’s appropriate Grants and Contracts revenue account.​
  2. Fee Collections
    1. Payment of Fees
      1. Before any student is counted as enrolled, fees must be paid.
      2. Maintenance fees may be waived only in accordance with TBR Guideline B-060.
      3. After a student has properly completed the enrollment form and has been approved for the courses designated on the form, the amount of applicable fees will be determined according to the fee schedule.
      4. Fees shall be paid according to provisions provided in Policy No. 4:01:03:00 with the students being furnished a pre-numbered receipt.
    2. Depositing of Fees
      1. After payments for fees are made, the individual collecting the fees will prepare a report of students’ names and fees collected at the end of the collection period and present the report and fees to the assigned individual in the school’s business office.
      2. The assigned individual in the business office shall accept the fees and sign report verifying the accuracy of the count.
      3. The individual collecting the fees shall receive a copy of the verified report as a receipt.
      4. Fee collections shall be deposited in accordance with TBR Policy 4:01:01:10 by the TCAT staff into the local depository account established for the TCAT.
      5. A copy of the report detailing student names and fees collected, accompanied by a copy of the deposit slip shall be transmitted to the business office of the Lead Institution.
    3. Bad Check Collections
      1. A student paying enrollment fees with a check that is dishonored must redeem the check within ten (10) calendar days from receipt of the notice.
      2. Notice should be sent by the TCAT to the student no more than three (3) working days from receipt of notice of a bad check from the bank. Notice by certified mail is optional.
      3. The TCAT will have five (5) working days after the expiration of the ten (10) calendar days to pursue any additional collection efforts deemed necessary.
      4. Immediately after the five (5) working days, the student will be deleted if the check has not been redeemed in full.
      5. If the student pays the bad check within the allotted time period, they will be assessed a return check fee in accordance with TBR Guideline B-060 in addition to their fee payment.
      6. Enrollment fees including returned check fees for students de-enrolled for bad checks should be reversed.
  3. Refunds of Fees
    1. Eligibility for Refunds
      1. Change in a full-time student’s schedule which results in reclassification to a part-time student.
      2. Change in a part-time student’s schedule which results in a class load of fewer hours.
      3. Voluntary withdrawal of the student from the school.
      4. Cancelation of a class by the school.
      5. Death of the student.
      6. Students administratively dismissed will not be eligible for refunds.
    2. Calculation of the Refund
      1. Full Refund:
        1. 100% of fees will be refunded for classes canceled by the school.
        2. 100% of fees will be refunded for drops or withdrawals prior to the first official day of classes.
        3. 100% of fees will be refunded in the case of death of  the student during the term.
      2. Partial Refunds
        1. A refund of 75% may be allowed if a program is dropped or a student withdraws within the first 10% of the class hours.
        2. A refund of 50% may be allowed if a program is dropped or a student withdraws within the first 20% of the class hours.
        3. No refund may be permitted after 20% of the class hours has been completed.
    3. Processing of Refunds
      1. The TCAT will be responsible for determining the amount of student refunds and will process refunds in accordance with TBR Guideline B-060 and the Council on Occupational Education (COE) standards.
        1. Refunds, when due, will be made without requiring a request from the student.
        2. Refunds, when due, will be made within 30 days of the last day of attendance when the student has informed the institution in writing prior to withdrawal.
        3. If the student drops out without notice to the institution, the refund will be processed 30 days from the date the institution terminates the student or determines withdrawal by the student. All refunds, however, must be made within 60 days of the student’s last day of attendance.
        4. Retention of tuition and fees collected during pre-registration or in advance for a student who does no commence class will not exceed $100.
        5. An update will be made to the accounting system by the TCAT or Lead Institution with a transaction resulting in the reduction of revenues from the appropriate fee account.
  4. Other Fee and Charge Considerations
    1. Agreements/contracts may be executed with a third party (federal agency, corporation, institution, etc.), but not with the individual student, to deliver routine courses at a fixed rate or for the cost of delivering the course and may provide for fees not to be charged to individual students. The amount charged to or paid by the third party is credited to the appropriate Grants and Contracts and/or fee revenue account.
    2. Fees established for general interest classes and activities shall be sufficient to cover the total cost incurred in providing instruction.
    3. Agreements with public school systems to provide instruction to secondary students will include a provision to outline the specific fee(s) negotiated with the local school systems.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203


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