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Employee Service Award Program : TCAT-050

Policy/Guideline Area

Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

Applicable Divisions



The purpose of this guideline is to establish a TCAT Employee Service Award Program designed to recognize and express appreciation to regular employees for their total length of state service. This program shall be implemented at all Colleges of Applied Technology.


  1. Eligibility
    1. The award program is available to all faculty, administrators, and clerical/support staff who are regular full-time and regular part-time employees of a TCAT.
  2. Service Credit
    1. It shall be the responsibility of the appointing authority to determine total service credit for eligible employees.
      1. For purposes of this program, legible employees will receive cumulative credit for all prior regular service, full-time and part-time, at any state entity.
      2. Consideration shall be given to breaks in service; it is not necessary that service be continuous.
      3. Regular part-time service will be credited without prorating.
      4. Employees in modified fiscal year appointments or on academic year service bases will receive one full year of service credit for each contractual term of service completed.
    2. Any periods of fully paid leave status will be included in calculation of service credit.
    3. Periods in which the employee is in a leave of absence status will not be included except for approved educational leaves of absences with pay which will count as full-time service credit.
    4. Prior service must be confirmed in writing from the personnel office of the previous state agency.
  3. Recognition Schedule
    1. Awards should be presented ceremoniously to recipients by the President of the College or designee, with the recipient’s supervisor present, if possible.
    2. Awards shall be given at one designated time each year to all employees having achieved the specified number of years of service during that current fiscal year.
    3. Awards will recognize the following service achievements:
      1. Five (5) Years’ Service
      2. Ten (10) Years’ Service
      3. Fifteen (15) Years’ Service
      4. Twenty (20) Years’ Service
      5. Twenty-five (25) Years’ Service
      6. Thirty (30) Years’ Service
      7. Thirty-five (35) Years’ Service
      8. Forty (40) Years’ Service
    4. It is suggested that the awards available to an employee be consistent with those available under the State of Tennessee’s employee service award program, administered under the Rules of the Tennessee Department of Personnel, Chapter 1120-9-5.
      1. Alternatively, each TCAT President is authorized to identify alternative sources of award mementos.



T.C.A. § 49-8-203; Rules of the Tennessee Department of Personnel, Chapter 1120-9-5


August 16, 1984 AVTS Sub-Council Meeting;   Directors Meeting February 14, 2002; Presidents Sub-Council May 21, 2002.